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What people are saying about Jake/Geek:

Kids Lit Book Cafe: Jake/Geek, Quest for Oshi by Reonne Haslett is an exciting young adult novel.  A perfect blend of science-fiction and fantasy, combined with super extraordinary characters and an electrifying and gripping plot. Jake Green is a bit of a computer genius, he’s also floundering through his teenage years like Bambi on wobbly legs!  He’s a great unlikely hero, who instantly makes you smile.  His youthful, jumbled up emotions towards his best friend Oshi, feel real and we immediately sympathize with him.  Mum has a demanding job, and Jake often has to watch out for his younger sister, Sara.  Dad, a brilliant scientist and a rather heavy drinker, no longer lives at home which rakes up hard to understand emotions inside Jake, increasing his confusion over Oshi.  When Oshi joins a band as a singer, Jake suddenly becomes a green-eyed monster and is jealous of Sean, the lead guitarist, who seems to be very interested in her.  In a fit of jealousy, Jake pops a virus onto Sean’s laptop to erase his songs.  Unbeknown to Jake, this is about to set into motion a series of events that will put Oshi’s life in danger.  Full of regret for his wrong doing, Jake embarks on a quest to find and rescue his best friend.  Dragging along his newly appointed sidekick Paulie, and his sister Sara, our geek will risk everything to undo his error and bring down the real villains. Reonne Haslett’s storytelling effortlessly weaves together a fantasy of mystery and excitement.  The tension builds with the hunt to find Oshi, creating a page-turning sci-fi adventure that is a pleasure to read.  Suspenseful, thrilling and perfectly pitched for teenagers Jake/Geek, Quest for Oshi by Reonne Haslett comes very highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café. Tracy

This witty, fast pace book snagged and captured my interest until the very it!!!  Sheryl C.

This blend of fiction with Silicon Valley culture and sci-fi is sure to keep young readers engaged and ready for more adventures with Jake Geek. Pam B.

A thoroughly enjoyable read! A masterful blend of relatable, all too human characters, entering a world of wonder and mind-boggling meta-technology. As a YA Sci-fi novel for all ages, Jake/Geek did not disappoint! I look forward to new Jake/Geek adventures. Rod H.

I love this book! Was looking at some books for my teens to read and this one captured my attention so much that I finished the whole thing! Can't wait for the kids to read it. Such a light filled imaginative and exciting story. Highly recommend for science fiction fantasy lovers. Julie R.

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