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About the Author


     Reonne Haslett has an immense imagination. As early as age seven, she orchestrated the neighborhood kids’ playtime from her time machine (a refrigerator box).  Being chased by dinosaurs or piloting a rocket of space explorers was her daily routine.  Once she picked up a pencil, she couldn’t stop.  By the 3rd grade her stories were winning awards.

     She has been writing professionally her entire adult life. Due to her natural curiosity, she has a passion for science fiction and the supernatural. Her love of storytelling led her to the film business, where she wrote and edited screenplays as well as producing feature films, including Quest of the Delta Knights, a 15th century fantasy. 

     Reonne continues to express her vivid ideas on the page with her debut sci-fi/ fantasy novel for young adults, Jake/Geek. Her current projects are a YA supernatural thriller and a TV pilot blending the paranormal with the mining history of her home town, Grass Valley, California. She lives among the evergreens with her old tabby cat.

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